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Marketing Activities

Marketing is fundamental to any businesses growth.

The marketing teams (marketers) are tasked to create consumer awareness of the products or services through marketing techniques. Unless it pays due attention to its products and services and consumers' demographics and desires, a business will not usually prosper over time.

Significant time and attention should be focussed on creating the right product for the right customers. In today's competitive market place to ensure that this happens the voice of the customer must be captured, analysed and contextualised so that the product and the customer buying experience are exceeding the customers expectations.

Focussing on the correct market sector usually needs analysis and prioritisation so that the offering can be matched to the culture and customer needs.

Having worked for companies manufacturing construction products in the design and construction process in different market sectors, we have the necessary experience and intuition to rapidly understand and create the correct marketing solutions.

Client projects:

Constructing Excellence                                         

Planned large industry Forum to showcase working group activities with keynote speaker from Argent. Facilitation at other forums

Euro CNC                                                                                  

Web site creation, content, hosting, Email set up


Stanley Howard Euro                                                             

International Exhibition at the NEC. Audio visual presentation and general marketing concept for new product offering.