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Project Management

Making initiatives and activities happen requires Project Management skills to plan, organise and manage resources. The successful completion of goals and objectives usually requires a mixture of internal and external skills which require blending and balancing so that tasks can be performed in an efficient and effective way.

A good and robust plan is a great starting point, however, the implementation phase is the dynamic phase where circumstances and unplanned situations require a flexible and emergent approach.

Our broad experience enables us to offer construction and initiative project management solutions to successfully deliver strategy in the following areas:

  1. Capital construction projects

  2. Product and solution activities

  3. Construction supply chain initiatives

  4. General process or product initiatives

Our construction project management skills enable us to plan and execute building alterations, new build facilities and infrastructure.

Strategic reviews of business activities requires follow on initiatives or projects to be delivered. These may be product or process developments, which require a combination of market research, operational review and product and process innovation. Our past hands on experience enables us to have a broader view of this process and optimise value enabling activities to be performed.

Our aim is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives, while adhering to classic project constraints - usually scope, quality, time and budget

Client projects

Harle Associates          
Demolition and temporary works solutions for low and medium rise buildings using a combination of high reach and traditional demolition machinery

Mark Brock Consulting Engineers                                

Data and information co-ordination plus technical reviews for Building Schools of the Future Projects 

Technical review/audit of information on a large retail project needing demolition and risk analysis.