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Innovation Solutions

The creation of new ideas and processes are the lifeblood of a dynamic organisation.

Creating a continuous improvement culture is just as important as having the original idea.

If the marriage of the above can be combined with the successful exploitation of new ideas then value can be created.

The creative force of innovation can be two fold in that the creation of something new will eventually lead to the decay of the existing. This process needs to be managed so that the value and magnitude and value of the new outstrip the old.

Having a good understanding of the production processes, the market, and the purchasers needs is an excellent position to start from. The use of phase gates and business cases along the innovation path will help prevent the creation of clever products that the customer don't value or cant afford.

Client projects

Constructing Excellence                        

Consultancy for three strategic working groups investigating industry best practice and future improvements. Planned large industry Forum to showcase working group activities

Better ways of Working 

Design Management 

Whole Life Costing/FM